simplify HR payroll

Streamline Your HR Time, Compensation and Benefits processes.

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of any business and there is a lot involved.
VIRO HR easily takes care of payroll administration, saves you time and helps prevent manual errors.

No more complex Excel files and time-consuming error-prone manual actions!

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Small to large companies


CLA & company


country independent


Open to
all data


customizable reporting

Office workers planning their work at a desk


There are no boundaries for receiving data.
Integration with business software, time tracking systems, HR systems and ERPs is possible.

VIRO HR can perfectly handle employee data (personal data, contract data …), time registration data, mobility data, expenses …

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compensation & Benefits

HR payroll processing that’s faster and easier.

Automatic calculation and distribution of working hours, mobility, expenses, allowances … to the correct payroll codes.
All this in accordance with the collective labor agreement and your internal agreements.

Each code can easily be set with specific properties.
Different rules within the company do not pose any problems.
An unlimited number of sets of rules can be set up within the same company and assigned per business unit, employee …

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Office workers rising to the challenge


Integrated reporting tool for creating company-specific payroll reporting.

Various options for quickly and securely sharing payroll information with other organizations and systems.
Connections with the social secretary, ERP … can be set up via various data exchange techniques.

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