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Make flexibility the key to your success!

We believe that employees should invest their valuable working time in creating added value for your company.
We do this by simplifying the administrative burden, providing insight to the entire organization and supporting every form of flexibility.
We achieve this result thanks to intuitive and efficient planning tools combined with digital registration and automation, which can be adjusted to the size of every organization.

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The possibility of more than 15 different planning options in one solution makes planning within your organization easier.
Being able to create a correct planning increases efficiency, which in turn promotes cost reduction and customer satisfaction.


Monitor with tracking status

  • Auto Planning Engine
  • Auto Planning Engine with algorithms for auto scheduling your personnel planning! Automatic scheduling based on the work to be performed, taking into account competences, timetables, absences … Can be used for quick and easy planning of warehouses, production environments, service companies, amusement parks … THE smart planner for complex personnel planning!
  • Project planning
  • The Gantt Chart is very suitable for planning projects with an extensive structure, dependencies between activities and monitoring progress. You will never miss a deadline and successfully complete your projects by using the dynamic Gantt Chart planner.
  • Operational planning
  • Make sure your employees are used optimally. Quickly and easily schedule assignments by day, desired profile, desired competences, availabilities … Plan not only employees, but also logistics and subcontractors.
  • Transport planning
  • Timely delivery of logistics and materials.
    Easy planning and real time follow-up of all necessary transports of logistics and materials between all projects.
  • Field Service planning
  • Automatic planning of installations, maintenance, … Our algorithms help to schedule all orders quickly and efficiently.
    This results in an optimal employee planning as well as route planning.
  • Time Registration
  • Automate your employees’ working time registration via our mobile app. Hours worked can be recorded with the START | STOP or manually input feature. Using the START | STOP feature makes it easier to keep track of the real-time hours worked by employees.
  • Mobility
  • Trip registration (distance and time) by using the mobile device’s GPS.
    ‍Register who’s driving and who’s a passenger to calculate the correct wages.
    By using Google Maps, a map view of the traveled route is available..
  • Digital Workorder
  • After digitally recording working hours, used materials, notes, checklists, photos … your employees can compile a digital report of the work performed. Once your customer has digitally signed it, all data is sent back to SOLUTIO ERM and the customers automatically receives an overview in their mailbox.
  • Messaging System
  • Send Messages to colleagues. Messages are immediately visible in the app and colleagues are notified by push notification.
    Message system includes log functionalities and real-time status tracking (sent, read, confirmed).


Onsite time tracking has never been easier.
Put an end to time sheets on paper. Our mobile app allows your onsite employees to easily record working times. Both individually and for an entire crew. The tool automatically assigns the times to the corresponding projects and tasks.
Registered working hours, locations and activities are digitally transferred to your office for real-time billing and daily reporting. At the same time, the processed data can be shared with all project participants and other business tools.


Crane rental software developed in close collaboration with global players in the field of crane rental. Short-term planning as well as long-term planning can be drawn up in no time. The presence of advanced operational process automation (linked to the execution of your assignments) increases internal efficiency, speed of invoicing and customer satisfaction.


tablet with work order

  • Order Intake
  • Orders can be triggered automatically from CRM or added manually.
    SOLUTIO contains the possibility to link multiple jobs to an order.
  • Fleet Planner & Operator Planner
  • Graphical planning tools to plan your fleet, linked materials and operators to each order. Both planners contain more than 40 checks to guarantee the correct execution of all orders. Plan simultaneously all associated transports of each order.
  • CO | WO | PO | CMR
  • Automatic creation of CO, WO, PO (subrent) and CMR based on planning and available data.
  • Mobile registration
  • Mobile app tailored to the process flows of crane rental.
    The registrations to be performed (time registration, mobility registration, materials used, …) adapt to the role (operator, rigger, …) of the employee.

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